About “A Few Bad Apples” Podcast

This podcast spotlights cases of police brutality that have occurred in America throughout the decades. In these turbulent times, the police continue to use excessive force against citizens, some resulting in deaths. The purpose of the podcast is to inform listeners of the severity of some of these cases and to hopefully create a movement where police no longer use excessive force.

Katherine created this podcast in June 2020, after seeing constant media coverage of people who were victims of excessive force which oftentimes, led to death. It inspired her to make a change and start keeping the stories alive. Each week, she brings forth a new story with interesting angles to highlight that there is an absolute need for reform within police departments across the country.

Join me next week, as I discuss another case where the bad apples of the police contaminate the public’s faith in justice.”

Katherine Sheffield

Katherine L. Sheffield, Ed.D.

Katherine lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with her family. She is a high school English teacher and mother. She enjoys writing, music, and art.

For inquiries: badapplespodcast@yahoo.com